Please assist a short smith!

Seeking someone with tools and ability to cut about 3-4 inches off the legs of this stand and weld a bit of angle iron over the open ends.  Maybe also reposition/reweld the attachment points for the vise or weld on additional ones, since shortening the legs will move its pedal closer to the ground and possibly prevent it from being opened.  I can bring the stand to you, would prefer it to be a "while you wait" job.  Thanks in advance!

There are several metal workers in the SO area.

List of metal workers

I'd suggest picking a couple from the above list, and either visit them with the photo or the actual stand so you can explain exactly what you want and get some price quotes.

Personally, I had Alberona do some work for me many years ago and I was quite satisfied. I'd go there first.

thank you DB, I appreciate your help!

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