Park Wood Diner - Extra Food for Donation

Hi All, 

We at the Park Wood Diner would like to say thank you to our customers during these trying times. 

The Park Wood Diner has found that we are left with large amounts of perishable foods. In trying to find creative ways to dispose of them, we would like to cook and deliver this excess food to food pantries in the nearby Maplewood area. We ask that those in the Maplewood community to please email us to assist us in finding a food pantry in the area that can provide food access to communities in this extremely challenging and uncertain time. 

Stay well,

The Park Wood Diner Team

Parenting Center.  Rent Party. Our Lady of Sorrows and St Josephs Food Pantries.  Would be my recommendations.

The interfaith food pantry of the oranges (many volunteers from Maplewood, South Orange and Millburn) is working with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to distribute food in East Orange and Orange. I suggest them since the CFB distribution is on multiple days and is highly organized. Contact them to see if this works for you or suggestions for the best fit.

Thank you.

Once again Peter you show what a great neighbor you truly are to SOMA and its surrounding towns.  

Thank you and I wish you the best during these times.  

Eric Burbank 

Thanks to your thoughtful suggestions we were able to donate 50 meals! 

Stay safe,

Pete and the Park Wood Diner Team

Kudos to you! That's wonderful!

Great news and much appreciated.  Thank you.

The best restaurant in America. 

You da man, Pete!


I <3 Park Wood Diner!

sac said:

I <3 Park Wood Diner!

 @jamie - We need more emoticons!  Why can't I make a heart with that post?

When this is all over, this is the kind of stuff that I am going to remember. Neighbors helping neighbors. So many great examples of this in our little town. 

We shall overcome. 

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