Hi. Looking for local orthodontist recommendations. Thank you!

Mark Caplan, Millburn Orthodontics

Unless you mean local as in walking distance, consider Dr. Rosen in Chatham.

Second Rosen. A stone's throw past Short Hills Mall. Great guy, great staff, and they run on-time 95% of the time!

I'm in the process of switching from one frequently recommended ortho on MOL to a different frequently recommended ortho on MOL. I don't want to put up a negative review on MOL mostly because I consider both doctors (former and current) to be very qualified and good at what they do, but not all practices are operated the same and there are some questions I wished I had asked such as: How many days a week is the orthodontist in the office and are they full days or only half days? Limited days in the office means limited appointment times, even when appointments are made well in advance. It's a long commitment, ease of appointments without having to miss school is important. Especially when treatment is critical - it shouldn't be delayed simply because the doctor is booked up.

Springfield Orthodontics. Great service.

I would also get a recommendation from the dentist.

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