New Ownership and Menu @ Hat City Kitchen


Nabil Talsmat was born in France to a Moroccan father and French mother. Food has always been an integral part of his life. When he moved to the U.S. at the age of seventeen, he began working in the food industry at the ground level. By his late twenties, he owned a wild game restaurant in Montana. Since then, he was an executive chef in Summit, NJ, owned Falafel-ly yours and My Morocco in South Orange and most recently, has taken on Hat City Kitchen!
Jennifer Starr-Talsmat has always had music in her soul. She's been teaching music to young children in New Providence for the past 20 years. Received her Bachelor's in music education/ vocal performance at William Paterson University and her Masters in special education from the College of Saint Elizabeth. In addition to her life as a music teacher, she also enjoys singing jazz and blues professionally. Hat City Kitchen is a way for Nabil and Jen to combine their expertise while bringing great food, music and drink back to the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ.

Anything special for New Years?

Just wrote to our ‘adopted’ daughter in NYC and her Morrocan family and told them they should come to enjoy, quick!  wink

Hope things go well! That menu looks yummy!

I don’t know how jamie and dave feel about this thread, but I’d suggest this:

They do advertise and are allowed a thread.  I told them to consolidate updates into one thread.

Good luck!  I loved Falafelly Yours.  Also I have a band that would love to play Hat City again.  We played there back in 2013.  Will be in touch.

Any music tonight?

Thursday Habit is playing there tonight!

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