New Book on Maplewood

I'm proud to announce the publication of an expansive new book on Maplewood: Maplewood Compendium: Notable People, Place & Events 1680 - 2022.

Maplewood Compendium is an expansive collection, a vast treasure trove of information about all aspects of Maplewood. Built on over one year of careful, serious research, it paints a picture, through written snapshots, minibiographies and capsule histories of Maplewood as a unique and distinctive community with a long and (mostly) proud history and heritage extending almost 350 years. 

Organized into twelve chapters, with over 700 entries and many thousands of dates, facts, figures and details, the book highlights: notable (some infamous) people who lived here, earliest familiesthat settled here organizations, clubs, religious groups they formed, businesses they created, neighborhoods, homes and spots they gathered, civic, public and education facilities they built, transportation modes they used, roads and places they traveled
to, long-standing community events, special prideful and historical moments they celebrated.

The book is available for sale at Words Bookstore, Maplewood for $15. If you have an interest in all things Maplewood, I hope you'll consider buying a copy.

I welcome your comments, as well as any corrections you might suggest, or new entries you might suggest.  Thanks.

Very cool! Will get myself a copy.

dano said:

Very cool! Will get myself a copy.

Thanks. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And, of course, if your do, I hope you'll recommend it to friends.

Thanks to all who have purchased a copy of the book. The first run of 100 copies has just sold out, so it looks like I'll be ordering a 2nd printing.

Maplewood Compendium continues to sell surprisingly well. The 2nd printing was sold

out in a few weeks, but no decision has been reached as to whether there will be a 3rd printing. If you haven't purchased a copy, inventory at Words Bookstore is running low.

Words Bookstore Finds Surprising Sales of New Book on Maplewood

Words Bookstore in Maplewood Village has just announced that it has placed an order for a third printing of Maplewood Compendium, the recently published book by long-time Maplewood resident Dan Kaslow. The strong, continuing sales of the book, which includes over 700 capsule histories and mini-biographies of notable people, places, organizations and events over the town’s 432 year history, has amazed the staff of the store, which is the sole retailer of the book.

“When we placed our first order for ten copies after its launch in September 2022, we had no idea what the response to this type of book would be. Our initial sales were modest but steady. Going into the winter holiday season, we had sold about 40 copies, but then sales really began to pick up. We even had a request by the Maplewood Township Clerk for copies for each of the Township Committee members.”

By the end of January, the store had sold out the entire first printing. The book’s author was as surprised as those at the store. “When I picked up the first printing of 100 copies from Ayer’s Printing in Hillside, I never expected to go back there. I hoped to sell som e copies, but I no sense of how much interest the book would would I pretty much expected that most of the inventory would end up in my attic.”

That wasn’t the case, as sales continued strong in January 2023, based solely on a low-tech email campaign and word-of-mouth. That rush of purchases led to Words asking for a second printing. “It was certainly exciting and I was thrilled by the positive response to the book,” Dan noted. When he ordered his second printing, he figured that would be certainly be the end of the book’s run.

Words found that, “What we saw is that people in our store would see the book displayed and take a look. They always seemed to find an entry for a friend or social or religious organization they belonged to, or some other Maplewood connection, and then they’d purchase the book. We even found that many copies were purchased though our website.” Within a few weeks, that inventory had been sold as well, and a third printing was ordered to meet the continuing local demand.

The book has now sold over 150 and Words Bookstore has certainly been pleased. “We have actually generated some new customers since many people who come in specifically for the book have never visited the store before. This is a real win for us.” It’s also been fun for Dan. “I originally joked that this was my 15 minutes of fame, but maybe I’ve extended that to 20 minutes.”

Congratulations on the success of your book.

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