Need recommendations for HVAC companies to replace ancient system

Our current central HVAC (forced air furnace and air conditioner) finally gave out after 30+ years of service.  Yes, 30+ years, I have the installation date on a sticker on the Bryant furnace and the furnace was manufactured in 1988.  I suspect the Carrier AC unit was put in at the same time as the furnace.

Would welcome any recommendations for reputable HVAC dealers / installers in the Maplewood area.

Air Group has earned being the primary HVAC company for our 293 unit apartment building.  Their work is first rate!

Air Group (used by a quite few people here on MOL)

Speer Air (I've used them and I was happy with the results).

And I've seen the Charles Dae Company recommended here on MOL.

      John Kubilus at South Orange's Charles Dae Company. 973-951-8584



If you have a Costco membership you can get an estimate through them

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