need cat rescue union county--found a home

Does anyone know of any cat rescue that will take a kitten from Union County?  It was found in Roselle Park crying in the bushes for an extended time.  Its about 4 months old, black, probably female....and has been very vocal. It is extremely friendly.  The person will be taking it to a vet on Thursday if possible, but can't keep it long.  The town animal control can't get it in anywhere. St Huberts already told them not to bring any more.   Hoping it is microchipped, but afraid it was dumped.  The town contracted shelter said they only fix and release, doesn't  keep and home them. 

found the email from the one that did not seem rational.  its bfdaaa@gmail.  i can't determine what group that was....  will check out other leads after the vet.

Hi jmitw, I can post on a foster/ rescue network on FB to see if anyone is in that area who can help. If you can PM some contact information I will give her mine. I'm a small rescue but like all rescues this time of year we are on our 3rd round of kittens. I will follow up with the woman and offer whatever help that I can. Please thank her for trying to help the kitten.

I second the recommendation for Cause 4 Paws. I adopted from them years ago, and my mom fosters for them. 

found a home (I'm not seeing how to modify the title)

jmitw said:
found a home (I'm not seeing how to modify the title)

 Under the title is a little Edit box. Great news.

hmm, when i click edit, looks like the title box pops up for a split second and goes away, only the comment section can be edited.  I am using firefox.

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