Need advice for what to do with our dog while we go away for a few days over Christmas?

We considered bringing him with us but we're driving and unfortunately the Canadian roads (where we're heading) are too unpredictable weather-wise. Can anyone recommend an option for where we could keep our dog while away? We hate the idea of some sort of "dog kennel/hotel" since we're worried he'll think we abandoned him or something, but can't think of any other option at present and are open to any suggestions/recommendations with thanks.

- Alex

there are private sitters who will keep him at their home.  you can meet with them.  you can meet with them early, have a couple trial days where you just leave him a short while (even just an hour) so he learns that you come back. has people i think...but i don't know how you can determine if they are good or not.

i used to dog sit in my home, but I can't do it anymore due to my health.

We have taken our dogs to Preferred Petcare for years and they they have always seemed very happy when they realized that that was where they were going.  Your dog will be so busy sniffing other dogs that it won't have time to feel abandoned.

PM me the dates.   My daughter has some time off around Christmas and may be able to do it.  She and her bf absolutely adore dogs and do this fairly often.

Whatever you decide, don't wait too long. Space and options fill up quickly during the holidays.

There's an app called Pet Rover (I think) that my daughter and several friends have used to find pet sitters.

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