miniature poodle breeder

Looking for a breeder for a miniature poodle. I'm getting my elderly mother a dog, and it needs to be a breed for several reasons, especially consistency of personality. She needs a dog that is easily managed. Would appreciate someone local, if possible.

as an elderly person, myself, living alone, I wanted a dog for company. I was advised by several people that tripping over the dog and falling was a very real danger. I,too, wanted a small dog. Having to take the dog out was also pointed out as opportunities to fall. 

I still want a dog! My cat probably would join the naysayers. tongue laugh 

A puppy, ANY puppy, is a bad idea for an elderly mother who does not have the wherewithal for training that puppy.   You can adopt an already trained and loving adult dog, even a poodle.

I can't help with breeder info, but I wanted to offer the idea that getting an adult dog (not necessarily an old dog) might be a better choice if you and your mother are really on-board with the idea of a dog. I've had dogs for a good portion of my life, and puppies are adorable but very labor-intensive. An adult dog would likely be housebroken, know how to walk on a lead and be a bit more settled. I know that for the breed I am partial to there are rescue organizations that try to rehome dogs whose owners can no longer take care of them. You might want to look into this avenue, too, if you aren't absolutely set on a puppy. Often breeders will have a dog that cannot be shown for some minor cosmetic flaw, or an older dog that has been returned by its previous owner. Just an idea.

Thanks all for the advice; the idea that training a dog might not be the best idea is something that makes sense to me. I would still like to speak to a local breeder, who might be able to keep the dog long enough to train it, if anyone has suggestions.

Effective dog training necessitates person training, as much as training of the dog.

How did it all work out?

The point about trip/fall hazard was a good one. A fall can sometimes hasten death in the aforementioned population.

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