Masonry Company question

Was Avellino Masonry recently (within last 2 years) sold?

I ask because I found this (there were 2 of them) today, wedged into the frame of a sign at the SO Train station east-bound platform. 

No, why would you think that has anything to do with avellino?

They are still in business.  Used them last year for some work and just got an estimate last week for sidewalk repairs.  Waiting to set a date to start the job.   Really great company and would recommend them.

Avellino is the name of a town in Italy that was the nearest big city to our  home town of Andretta.

Wonder if they're paisanos?

I got the following email from Avellino a few days ago.

drummerboy said:

the plot thickens...

Not really.  It is common for key employees to strike out on their own, and start competing with their former employers (contractors do not usually have to sign a non-compete).

The big problem for consumers is, that the former key employee might not have learned enough, or have the necessary experience, to perform to the same level as his/her previous organization could.

I saw this happening repeatedly in the fuel equipment industry, occasionally with significant economic consequences.  The worst being a fuel depot in TX, where they installed 16 lines with equipment for refined fuels.  2 years later we had to deal with problems in half of the installation due to contractor inexperience:

  • Gasoline with 10% ethanol requires different elastomers in the seals.  This could be retrofitted.
  • E85 (85% ethanol requires a different design packing, and yet another elastomer in the seals.  This could not be retrofitted.
  • Lube oil requires different internals in the equipment, an entirely different type of pump with higher HP motor plus different control valves (pneumatically operated vs solenoid valves). 

 On a local level, I had a waterproofing company review our basement, due to occasional seepage.  The 'qualified' contractor looked at the sump pump, and put the lid back on the sump in such a way that it jammed the float.  When we had the next major rain (months later), we ended up with 4" of water in the basement!

GoSlugs said:

I got the following email from Avellino a few days ago.

The plot is explained. Thanks for answering jamie’s question, which was mine, too, as a curious observer.

drummerboy said:

The plot thins out ...

Maybe it should’ve been made of a different elastomer.

Paul was here in March 2020 to review a masonry project I had in mind. I found him to be very knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. I didn’t hire Avellino because they were not set up to do what I needed done. That was unfortunate, because I would liked to have worked with Paul.

Paul told me he previously worked for a large home improvement company - in Hudson or Bergen, I think. It sounded like he was that company’s first contact with prospective customers. He said he was the owner of Avellino - he said the previous owner had decided to try retirement, and he (Paul) jumped at the opportunity. I remember him telling me he had 10 or 11 employees, and he wasn’t sure if all of them were coming back for the upcoming season. He said calls were down a lot that March, but he remained hopeful. 

The message posted by goslugs suggests Paul was not the owner of Avellino. But that’s not the impression I had. I did a quick search now, and found this (I realize this is not the final word on the matter):



Alan M.

Avellino did a very good job and went above and beyond the agreed scope of work. The crew took pride in their work and owner Paul was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend them and will use them again if I need masonry work.

Install new bluestone walkway and repair stone wall


COST $5,000





Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to write this very nice review for us. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It was a pleasure working with you.

The plot will need some retrofitting.

Posted the other day about having Avellino provide me an estimate for some sidewalk work.  Reading this series of postings made me think that I should call them back to see who would really show up to do the work.

I was assured by the owners that Avellino has been in business for over 35 years and they never had any thoughts about closing or selling the company.  They said the guy Paul was an employee of theirs that left a few weeks ago to try and start his own business.  Said he has nothing to do with  or represent Avellino.

Made me feel better about Avellino.  

in one post Paul says the Avellino owner was thinking about retiring and that he was the owner of Avellino

In another post, Avellino hasn't considered closing up shop and that Paul has nothing to do with Avellino, except he was a former employee.

hmmm, there goes that plot again...

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