Maplewood Township Committee Meetings

Tonight at 7pm - here's the final agenda:

I've never noticed such a detailed check register on these in the past.  Maybe I never scrolled down so far.

FYI public portion of the meeting starts at 7:30 pm.  7:00 pm is the start of the closed meeting and is not broadcast or live streamed.

is anybody else having issues with the sound? I can't hear anything on the livestream.

I've given up attempting to view the township committee meetings because the sound is so bad. It's not much better if you attend the new because the room's acoustics are poor.  Also it doesn't help that most of the speakers don't know how to use a microphone.  

At Tuesday's TC meeting it was announced that the sound for the live streaming of that meeting kicked in at 9;00 pm.  The sound on FIOS Channel 24 (Maplewood) was fine.  I agree that it is often difficult to hear speakers at the guest mike, one of the reasons I seldom attend meetings in person any more.

You just need to forward the video after an hour.  The audio is still pretty frustrating.  There has got to be a better solution.

February 18th meeting

Maplewood Community Board on Police Community Forum - recorded on February 9th:

Thanks for posting these township and Board on Police Community Forum meetings.

March 3rd Township Committee

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