Manuka Honey

Has anyone tasted this honey? It was brought up in another discussion.Comes from New Zealand and is supposed to be very good for you.

Very strong, raw honey taste. Best price at Costco.

Make sure the Manuka you’re getting is not a brand that’s been diluted with sugar syrup. There’s a lot of that going around especially outside NZ and here; it’s very hard to police the international use of the word even though they’re trying. 

If you want the best/purest Manuka,so you really know what it’s like, you’re best off going for a small jar with some honeycomb in it (if you can find it). I’d go to a health food store and  see what’s there, looking for a mid-priced brand you could use for an ulcer or for toast. 

I thought you were transposing consonants and were talking about Hanuka Money

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