Low cost phone plan

I’m a very low volume cell phone user.  My annual pre-paid plan will be up for renewal in about 2 weeks.  I’m looking for a lower cost plan.

Current plan is unltd t&t + 4 gb data —$15/mo.   My usage this year has been <400 mins,  <50 texts, 2 gbs.  That’s not a typo- I used half a month’s allotment for an entire year.  Usage- those months that I remembered to check- never exceeded 300 mb.

 This isn’t a big deal $$$wise- I mean $15/mo- isn’t alot.  I’d just like to see if there’s a lower price.  I’m not dissatisfied with the service- with so low use how many ops have there been to have a gripe- I’m just checking to see if there’s a lower price available.

Does anyone have a lower price plan?  One name that has come up is Tello- any experience?



I think you must have found it!

My wife and I pay $55/month for consumer cellular. If anyone will have what you seek. It's them.

I am on the geriatric plan from T-Mobile. 

2 Phones, Unlimited gigs, text and phone are $45 per month.  

Since you don’t use data, try Ting. It is a subsidiary of Dish which is owned by ATT. However, it seems you already have the best plan for your needs.

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