LOST DOG: Our Dog Got Out!

Hello -

Our dog got out today near Lenox Ave and Wyoming Avenue. She is a beagle mix, black with lots of gray. She has one eye and is wearing a red collar. Her name is Roma. 

If you see her please call 917-618-3944. 


Call the police dept to see if someone reported finding a dog running lose. Looks like a cutie,hope he turns up.

Any luck? I will be driving by there shortly so I will stop and take a look around. 

not yet - thanks for your help !!

I feel terrible. I forgot to stop and look. I was visiting my mother in nursing home rehab and was a bit discouraged and distracted. I will pray that you find her.

Did he have a collar with tags on? Even if not, he may just find his way home, on his own.

We found her! Thanks everybody!

Hooray! I'm so glad you found her and that she is safe.

Wow, so happy that you found her!

yayyyyyy! So happy you found her oh oh


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