CALLI IS HOME!!! NEW PICS, per multiple requests....... grin

Thanks so much, blianderson.....I AM trying not to lose hope but it's been so long, now. LOL

when you least expect it, you will be out in the yard just walking around and she will come flying up to you, meowing her little head off oh oh

I agree with lainie65 and others, at some point she will decide she's ready to come home.  She has returned to your neighborhood.  She is a cat, they are unpredictable and oppositional.  

You have a lot of people looking out for her and you.  

As a wise man once sang - "Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny."  At some point she will be sitting on your lap and you will be smiling about the time she ran away.

Best wishes,


Hope she finds her way home.  At least the weather is getting warmer.

My baby girl is HOME!!! I caught her yesterday morning at 3:15ish in the trap I set up. I can't believe it! I had the alarm set for 3:33am but something made me get up at 2:52 and I went down & set it up & lo & behold, less than 5 minutes after returning upstairs, I heard the door slam shut. I expected an opossum but it was HER!!! I felt like throwing myself on the ground, prostrate with gratitude & relief! She has been to the vet & is just fine, a little thinner but not much. No fleas, but we treated her for those & worms just in case. She'll go back in a couple of weeks for FIV/FELV test so she has to stay by herself for awhile.

But she is LOVING being back with Momma, snuggling & giving kisses. JOY!!!!!

THANK YOU to all who prayed, offered advice, kept me positive & hopeful and helped me continue the search daily for 26 days! You, neighbors and friends, are GOOD PEOPLE and I will be forever grateful for all your support!!! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart..... rolleyes  

Wonderful news. I have been following your story and hoping for a happy ending.

Glad you caught her, the little vixen. I hope you told her that you were worried sick and she is never to do that again.

And we know how well our cats listen to us.


Are you getting her tested because you think she may not have used protection  confused 

Very funny! She is a LADY & would have had none of that!

Photos will be coming as soon as she stops hiding! She is getting used to the tv room, which is a huge step up from the laundry room she was in. I should have some proper pics tomorrow..... grin 

If there is no sign of bite marks, chances are you don't have to worry about FIV/felv...but good to get her checked.

Glad this story has a happy ending

Now that is a nice update. Been checking this thread daily. Smiling and typing right now. Have a glass of wine, you deserve it.

When I was a kid, a buddy of mine had a big ol’ Tom named Murgatroyd. Every so often this beast would take-off for a few weeks at a time and eventually come gliding back home with a few battle scars and a funny grin on his face, like he’d been in a couple of winning bar fights at the "Pussy Cat Club".

In my memory he had the voice of Tom Waits and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Murgatroyd. He was one bad-azz cat.

I am so happy to read your good news! What a relief for you and everyone who shared your search!

woohoo! so glad shes finally home, excelent news rolleyes 


I have a lot going on at home , but I followed your struggle daily! I know I had a silly grin on my face this am when I saw that your patience and fortitude— and your cat’s — had a happy ending!

I told my Chloe the good news, too!

Aww shes still beautiful

So happy to hear this great news!

Here is Miss Thing enjoying her creature comforts once again.....

So glad she is home!!

that last pic looks like she's getting ready to make a run for it.  Be careful!  grin

This news made my day.

Maybe she got bored with her food, not with you.  Consider trying different foods.

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