Lost Black Cat FOUND

Apparently our black cat lost its collar on way out of our house. Tito is a modest size black cat with silky medium length hair and yellow eyes. He is an indoor cat and we are worried. If you see a cat that might be Tito please contact me: alison.blank4@gmail.com. Thank you

You may want to include the neighborhood.

^^ also, a picture of the missing cat would be helpful.  

I assume you have checked the house thoroughly to establish that the cat is in fact outside.  Did anyone actually see the cat leave?  

Assuming the cat has left the house, you should notify the police (non-emergency number), animal control, local shelter(s) to which the cat might be taken, local veterinarian's office, local rescue group(s) etc. in your town and any close-by town if you live near your town's border.  You should contact your immediate neighbors and ask them to look in their garage, crawl space(s), shrubbery, and any other nearby location where the cat may be sheltering.  Do the same on your own property.

Please edit the title of this thread once the cat is found and returned safely home.

Put up flyers in the immediate neighborhood.

I want to thank those who read my thread. Tito was FOUND hiding in the back of an unused closet....and had been hiding ever since a house guest arrived at our house.

Yay, glad he was found! You might want to change the thread title reflecting that he has been found.

Glad the cat is safe at home.

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