looking for a company to do sewer drain clean out. probably need to have it snaked.

we can't seem to find anyone to come to our house.  All are so busy.  Meanwhile we can't even use the water, flush a toilet, etc. 

You can rent a snake at Home Depot.  I've done it a few times. However, this is not helpful if you need a solution ASAP.

They are heavy, so you would need to be pretty strong or bring someone with you.  

Have you tried Ronnie? Local guy. 973-313-9093.

I used All County a while back (7 years?) and had good results.  I wanted them to use a camera to scope the main stack to the second floor bathroom and the sewer pipe to the street.  


I feel your pain, I am trying to get a plumber to come out and install a new dishwasher, I've been cancelled on twice.



We used Mike from Essex Drain and Sewer Company out of Caldwell for years and were extremely satisfied.  Good luck.

Have used All Clear for 2 decades. Hopefully you have this resolved by now.

Sender and rch2330, did you get someone to help you sort your issues out yet?

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