Lalibela closed

This place was really a gem for a while. In my book it peaked in the early 2010s, and when it was on, it was ON. The other Ethiopian joint in town Walia is good, consistently a 7, but Lalibela was great, 9-9.5 at times.  

However Lalibela did go downhill in recent years -- the food wasn't consistently top-notch, portions seemed to be a bit smaller, and the service was uneven. Sometimes the proprietor was the hostess, server and table clearer as well as the cook, and that was a bit much for one person.

Anyway, RIP to a once-great restaurant. Meklit sure can cook so I'd love to hear if they resurface somewhere local.  

Yes, it will be SORELY missed  gulp

Please do patronize Walia now that they're alone locally....


soda said:

Please do patronize Walia now that they're alone locally....


 Why not? He can't be that bad. Pixar made a whole movie about him.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!   I heard rumor of this -- but have been in denial.   LOL

Meklit would make my favorite dish just the way I liked it (reverting back to one of her older recipes that she had changed over the years). If anyone knows any additional information about a new restaurant location, or if anything happened with the family, please let me know.

That’s so sad, I was going to take my son there over winter break.  We both loved Lalibela and we started eating there when he was in preK at Beth El, and we would walk up for lunch

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