Kelly revisited

This query was prompted by today’s

Now, more than 35 years later:

Has there been any study of the long term sequelae?  Has any involved student or parent spoken publicly on the matter?   If so, what was said? 

Is there more than one Episcopal church in Maplewood?  

The grandfather of the index student was described as “a prominent local judge”. I do know that “prominent” is in the eye of the beholder, but can someone give an example of a circa 1984 local judge who was considered to be prominent? How did this prominent person’s relationship to one of the children come to be known by reporters of that period - was it through the public statements of a parent who was subsequently linked to the judge? And what ever became of the prosecutors?

There has been quite a lot written up about this case - just search for her name:

a book:

45 social scientists backed the defense assertion that the children's testimony against Michaels was unreliable.

Here she is on Oprah in 2003:

This is pretty thorough:

there are 10s of thousands of innocent people in jail....many because witnesses willfully lied to get them convicted....and countless more falsely convicted of lesser charges in our so called justice system.

Scary that the QAnon nuts are still peddling the same kind of insane nonsense that harmed this woman (among many others), and even scarier that people are still eating it up.

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