ISO Recipe for rye bread for a bread machine

I've been trying to make rye bread in my machine, and it never tastes much like rye.  The recipes I've found don't seem to use much rye flour. I mean, the resulting bread is ok, but it's not a real rye.

Is it not possible to make a real rye bread in a machine? I've tried to research it but haven't gotten very far.

Any advice?

Do you have this recipe?

lanky said:

Do you have this recipe?

 No. Thanks!


Thanks again for that recipe. I made it today, and it's the closest to a traditional rye I've made so far. Nice and dense.

Now, if someone can tell me how to mute the damn beeper on my bread machine, I'll be eternally grateful.

It's freaking loud.

(Cuisinart Model CBK-100)

I'm this close to taking the thing apart.

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