Is xfinity down?

I can’t even get through on their 800 number.

jamie said:

I can’t even get through on their 800 number.

Maybe they should switch to Verizon?

Sounds like a major outage 

It's back - seemed to impact a lot of customers - PA, Indiana and Illinois.

Thanks all! That was the info I needed to stop trying to reboot my router.  grin

nevermind tried to link to the SNL cable skit from this past weekend but not working.

Since yesterday, my Internet shows up as in "airplane mode" when I sign on, but I've been able to find my way to a live connection.  Just started.  Can't decide if I'm glad or not glad that others are having problems, too.  No problems right now, but I did have to play around with it again to get connected when I signed on about an hour ago..  Technology .... pphfffffffft!

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