Injured black and white cat on S. Mountain Road, Millburn


We were out walking Keegan and we came upon this scene. The people at 17 are calling Millburn's animal services. This is near the Trader Joe's intersection of Wyoming and Millburn Aves.

 No collar, and couldn't get close enough to check gender. It is lying there and would not get up and run away when I approached. It hissed at me to back off but then let me get closer, rinse repeat, until the point where it tried to lunge.

it doesn't appear to be sick but what do know? It just is not running off like it seems to wish it could.

UPDATE: The cat is no longer there. I don't know if it got up on its own or was carried away by animal control folks. No signs of a struggle at the scene.

Thank you for caring about the cat and for trying to get help for it.  

Hope he got help. Milburn has no shelter but the ACO uses the Livingston pound which is a garage. The cat would have probably moved. They would have had to set a trap which would have been tricky. Injured ferals do not easily go into traps quickly and the other option would have been to net him, but he would have most likely ran. Still glad they called and hope folks will be on the lookout.

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