How to stop receiving mail from Optimum?

I sent an email to, but that was only a couple of days ago. Anybody have any luck with stopping mail from Optimum?

Quick suggestion - if you've had no luck in unsubscribing from the service, try telling the sender you've changed email address and give them a fake one.

Search on temp mail or fake email for suggestions and/or examples.


Optimum sends it to "Our neighbor at ......"  I've looked online and there are a lot of people who are disgusted with receiving mail from Optimum (I receive3 2-3 pieces every week) and haven't had any luck in stopping it. I called Altice USA but can't reach anybody who is in charge of the mailing. I got the email address from someone online and I'll see if that works. 

As I was typing this, I received my mail today and there was another Optimum solicitation in my mail (second this week.)  I called the number on the soliticiation (I had done so previously) and spoke to a representative who told me Optimum was not in charge and there was nothing they could do. I asked what number I could call and she said she didn't have any number.  She said there was something on the mailing that I could use to stop the mailing and I told her I had the mailing right in front of me and there was no telephone number to call to stop receiving mail. 

It sounded to me like she had received calls like this and she had her response down pat. 

Optimum advertises all day long on my tv, not counting other venues.  They don't even provide service here.  Their promotion department should be fired.

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