How to "gift" articles from NYT to non-subscribers

Hi all - I see the gift icon, I choose "email" from the drop-down list of ways to share the article, Chrome pops up to open my email, but how does the recipient access the article?  Do I need to copy/paste the url into my email or ??

thx for guidance!

Choosing "email" from the drop-down list should create an email with the accessible link already copied in it. You would just add the address(es) of whom you'd like to send it to. (You can also change the Subject line and add a note, as usual.) 

Is that different from what you're getting?

Yes, different.  I get just an opportunity to sign in to my gmail (via Chrome, which is not what i usually use).  iow, i get the log-in screen (screen that comes up BEFORE the inbox screen), and this is even if i've already signed in to gmail.  When i sign in to gmail, it's just as usual, ie, no pre-composed email, no link, nothing new in inbox or drafts.... 

I tried copy/pasting the url from the article into an email, but haven't heard back from the recipient yet to find out whether that worked. 

aha! (?) In the drop-down list there's link to copy.  It's much longer than the regular url.  Then i can start to compose an email and paste that link into it....  We'll see.

Yes, the link is much longer.


the link needs to contain additional information that identifies it as a shared link and probably identifies the user sharing it, because they keep track of everything


No response yet from recipient, but i'm sort of hopeful.

Thanks all!

I’ve found if you copy the article headline from the NYT webpage and paste it in Google, you can often then be able to open up the article and read, thus bypassing the firewall.

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