How to get a child to focus in class

I'm not sure the proposed process of skipping medication on a given day would even work. If enough of the medication remains in the body even though a single dose is skipped, there would be no observable behavior change during the test interval, though observable change might occur days later. If too little medication remains in the body as a result of the skipped dose, physical as well as behavioral symptoms might be magnified with harmful results to the child. I just can't see an positive aspect to doing this.

gerryl said:

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Can I ask, are you suggesting this "trial and error" strategy based on personal experience with your own children? Or sound research? Or are you just winging it? No doctor my family has worked with has ever endorsed such a practice.

jmitw said:

I am talking about skipping a day....try to follow. I am not talking about right off the bat...of course you have to give the meds a chance to work in the first place, but AFTER need to test the adult perceptions if the meds are actually working or not.

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