House on Maplewood Aveby tracks former dance studio

Am very curious about the old house that was the dance studio located right next to the train tracks.....anyone have any insights?

And another question....I assume  there were more houses next to the tracks that were torn down for the parking lot?

And now that it is for sale I hope its not torn down.

When did the dance studio close?  I thought it was still open.

Sometime in early summer, maybe June, a crew showed up and cut back all the overgrown vegetation in the side yard and over the fence on the property. That's about when I noticed it was no longer being used as a dance studio.  Then a month or so later a sign went up saying something like, "Home Restoration" but I could be mistaken about what it actually says (it's still there.) Anyway, it gave me hope that some one was going to reclaim the house, as opposed to just knock it down, but I haven't seen any work being done at all.  

Anyone know more? 

Hopefully the Town or NJT will not buy it to make more parking.

Hard to get a car through the front door.

The house looks to be a wreck. With trains passing right by it all day long the location is bad. Tear it the "ef" down.

And I noticed today that this sign that said something like "Home Restoration" is gone. Hm?

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