Home invasion


^^^^ my thoughts exactly !!

Edited to add: good to know mom and her kids are ok.

Very, very frightening and the violence against the woman is inexplicable.

Just saw it on the news. With the video from the nanny cam they should be able to catch this dirt bag.

How tragic and horrifying. Really hope they get this guy.

"Back door was locked and deadbolted". Yikes! Really scary.

Yeah, this guy will be very sorry.

I wonder if the unsolved, vicious beating and robbery of of a female employee of St. Joseph's Church, Maplewood, last year, could be related. I hope the two police departments are comparing notes.

This is so scary. Just down the street! ETA - and at 10:30am!!!!

The family, who are neighbors, have released an unedited version of that video. It is terrifying. Imagine being in your house in the middle of the block, with the doors locked, at 10:30 in the morning, and having this happen.

saw it on 11 pm news...that poor woman

I saw it on the news too. So scary!

This is terrifying for the woman, and I can't even imagine what that child must be feeling. I have a 3-year-old too and that is heartbreaking to think about.

It's also scary for the rest of us! How can this happen, especially with the door deadbolted? Is this a random crime, or is there some relationship there?

No relationship. Totally random.

Whats really disturbing are some of the comments ive been reading online about it. Especially nj101.5 This is someones daughter, wife, mother. Show some respect and be thankful it wasnt you or someone close to you. This is why we need the death penalty. There is no redemption for scumbags like this. Shoot to kill.

Anyone know if the police have any leads or suspects? I'm beyond horrified about this happening here.

cubby said:

No relationship. Totally random.

Maybe. Through one degree of separation, I became familiar with a similar crime that happened to a wife (in front of her two children) of a NJ business owner about 5 years ago. The husband's business was starting to get into an area that another business wasn't very happy about... The one 5 years ago, however, seemed more 'planned' as it used a flower delivery ruse to get into the house instead of kicking down a door.

In the current event, with the big screen TV on with children's programming playing near a window, the intruder may have known a child and a caregiver were at home. If he did, it wouldn't be a burglary that accidentally turned into a home invasion (i.e., the intruder didn't realize someone was home). From the very limited description and video, I'm not seeing a motive for a home invasion vs. the generally easier and faster burglary of an empty house (of course there may be one that's not being disclosed).

sprout said:

cubby said:

No relationship. Totally random.

What I'm saying is, I wouldn't be surprised if this heinous crime was a 'message'.

I'm not getting this. Why a message and not someone desperate, ad maybe addicted, who followed his depraved instinct to go for it?

I, too, saw this on the news this morning. They clearly showed the ADT Security sign in front of the house and I was wondering how this could have happened. Now I read the Patch article (thanks for posting it) where it said he kicked down the deadbolted door! So now we have to keep our security alarms on even when we're in the house? Good grief!

I'm surprised - this was 4 days ago and the guy is caught on camera - he still hasn't been caught? Plus, maybe I'm out of the loop but this is the first time I'm hearing this.

orzabelle said:

sprout said:

cubby said:

No relationship. Totally random.

What I'm saying is, I wouldn't be surprised if this heinous crime was a 'message'.

I'm not getting this. Why a message and not someone desperate, ad maybe addicted, who followed his depraved instinct to go for it?

I'm not saying it is. I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

I grew up near a center that housed 'desperate, addicted and/or depraved' in the Bronx. Our house (and many neighbors) were burglarized regularly (we were on a first floor) - but never when we were home. The one time the landlord was upstairs and yelled when hearing breaking glass, the perps ran. The M.O. was usually to break into empty homes, unless sexual assault was on the to-do list.

There was a separate earlier thread.

This link includes a video of the assault. I must warn you that it is very frightening and upsetting; it made me angry. I pray the victim is okay. This man *must* be apprehended:


Any way to take this discussion to the Maplewood, South Orange specific areas? The more people that see the footage the better

This is SOOOO disturbing!! Their 1 year old was sleeping upstairs and their 3 year old on the couch saw everything!! Praying for the family!! I hope they catch this A-hole!!!

Just watched the video on CNN's home page. How awful! The poor woman and the poor child who witnessed that. Hope they catch the perp.

METALART, what kind of comments? People are saying something bad about the poor woman?!?! Crazy!!!!!

Oh my God. Shaken to the core.

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