Holy Hazelnuts!

It's World Nutella Day! Spread the love!

I have to get one of those little breadstick and nutella packs.

Years ago I was travelling through Germany with my Italian boss + our US VP of Sales.  The first morning, Mark and I had a bacon/eggs/hash browns breakfast, while Roberto had a somewhat different menu.

The German waitress exclaimed 'Oh Mein Gott', when she saw 3 croissant wrappers + 7 empty Nutella containers on Roberto's breakfast plate.

2nd Nutella story (which led to this product no longer being served in our house):

Tabby and I visited family in Switzerland.  The first morning, Tabby's cousin's Swiss husband (Roger) took us for a walk up some mountain meadows.  There was cattle grazing in one meadow; one of the calfs close to us had a case of diarrhea.  

Roger's comment:  That's how we make Nutella.

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