Here We Go?

Just read that Lorena’s in Maplewood is ending indoor dining. Hopefully they and all our restaurants can survive until reopening can begin.

We can support the restaurants by taking out.  I understand people enjoy restaurants but even before the recent flare up, it didn't seem worth the risk to me to do sit-down dining.

We did outdoor sit-down dining exactly twice and haven't even considered indoor.  Takeout is fine for now.

I’ve bought long underwear for the kids so we can stretch outdoor dining a bit further into the season.  But the tent needs to have at least two sides open, and we only sit when we‘re close to an open side.   If you have a tent with all four sides down how is that different than indoor dining, other than it being colder?

We've had takeout from Lorena's a few times for special occasions and Chef does a great job.  Highly recommended!

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