Help Struggling Restaurant Workers

Restaurants are really struggling and many have gone out of business.  Employees are struggling due to no fault of their own.   Chef Andrew Gruel(@chefgruel) has a go fund me set up to help these struggling workers.  If you have the means Please donate here.

If anyone has any other avenues to help please post on this thread.

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This is a video from his wife Lauren, if it helps nudge you in the right direction.

Weird, I'm not sure why the embeds aren't working.  They were appearing in my edit view.  Here's a link.

There's something phony about this.

Like the idea, not ready to throw money at a guy who is as intensely political as this guy appears to be.  

Also, please patronize restaurants which you went to and relied on before the pandemic.  We order for pick-up on weekend nights when we used to go out.  And make sure to tip on the bill, for the employees.

And remember that ordering & picking up directly from the restaurant lets them keep  more money. Door Dash and other delivery services take a cut and reduce the local restaurant's income. 

I see the donation list has changed. Before it was completely pro Trump including his son and political talk. 

When I go to take out restaurants or other services such as barber shops, I now leave an extra-large tip.  Also, many restaurant workers have lost their jobs so food banks are a big help.   A local Maplewood area food bank program is MEND which supplies about 20 food banks in Essex County.  The Board members of this group are local and I know they are honest and do a good job on a fairly large scale.   Near me is a church that has a food bank three times a week. I used to see perhaps five people in line; now I see a hundred.   

Anybody aware of a local fundraising effort for restaurants in MAPSO, Millburn?

cubby said:

Anybody aware of a local fundraising effort for restaurants in MAPSO, Millburn?

There is a Facebook group that orders from local restaurants to provide meals to first responders and others.  They use donations to the FB group.  A win/win because local restaurants get the business and those on the front line get some support.  

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the group right now.  I'll look for it.

FLAG - Frontline Appreciation Group. 

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