Hardwood floor refinishing recs?


I didn't have much luck using the search function here getting any recent intel- I'm seeking recs for companies that do hardwood floor refinishing.  I've already spoken with Professional Floor Refinishers and they will provide an estimate, but are there any other highly regarded places I should call also?


I haven't used them but from various threads here on MOL, they get excellent reviews. In addition, my b.i.l. used them and was very happy with them.

Professional Floor Refinishing of Livingston
Jacob Van Ysseldyk and his son Bruce.




ARGH, I just read your post fully...you have already contacted them.  


Professional Floor was the only rec I received a couple of years ago when I had my floors refinished.  I was very happy with their work.


I have used a few floor finishing companies, Professional Floor Finishing among them, and they are by far the best. I will not use other companies anymore.


I wanted to work w/Jacob & Bruce to refinish all our hardwood floors (in the process of getting our house ready to go on the mkt.), but they asked nearly twice what "Eddie The Floor Guy" (recommended by our very savvy Realtor) did, so he got the job.

Bottom Line: Nobody complained about Eddie's work, but if you'll be living there forever and can afford Jacob, you should use him. He built his own house, for cripes sake...



agreed on Jacob.. they did a great job matching up flooring when we removed a closet and changed a hall floor. They were the only ones who didn’t want to lay down a whole new floor to do so. I even asked the company that put in the rest of the floors five years earlier to just match it up, and they wanted to redo the entire floor. Very professional, very good work!



For your hardwood floor refinishing, call Joe Jaghab @   Carpet Heritage:  908-507-6152 and tell him Adam Spiel (Go To Guy) recommended you.  He's a great guy and will take care of you.




Jacob van Ysseldyk is unfortunately deceased. The company is now run by his son Bruce.


Sad news. He was a great man at his craft.



That is sad.  Nice guy.


Well Bruce just did most of my  house and I have to say the guy is a total rock star.   Not only did he move all the furniture around but when it was all done he took the time to put felt on the bottom of every piece and insisted on moving the stuff back himself so there wouldn't be any scratches on his impeccable work.   He showed up at exactly 830 every morning.   Completely dustless work.  Highest recommendation from me.   

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