Happy Solstice!

This has been an annual event for me - Paul Winter's Solstice Celebration. Unfortunately, it isn't happening again this year. 

Here's a great compilation of pieces that span from 1988 - 2019.

Solstice will be occurring today at 4:47pm - longest night of the year.

I'm ready. How about you?


Absolutely wonderful renditions of Paul Winter's Solstice Sagas showing such a variety.  I could listen to Theresa Thomason forever.

4:48 EST today!!!  Here comes the Sun!!!  YAY!!!!

I often went to the concert. It was magical.

Happy Solstice! Saw Paul Winters Consort at Cathedral of St John the Divine in 2019. It was already a weird time. It was a great concert though and we had a wonderful meal in Harlem at a really good restaurant that did not make it through the pandemic--they were recently opened. :-(

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