Great Falls in Paterson

On Christmas Day we had to get out of the house for a little while, to alleviate the rampant Cabin Fever.  Since we had just had heavy rains, we elected to drive up to the Great Falls in Paterson for a look-see.

The Passaic River was running high, and the falls were impressive, with water spray shooting high over the falls.

It's a great site after a rain.  Pictures of it don't suggest the crowded urban area it is located in.  

Paterson is an interesting city. I believe it has the largest Arab / Palestinian population in the State at a little over 21% of the City's total population. In the last few years I have seen small Hispanic restaurants being replaced by those offering Palestinian Cuisine. Little restaurants of this type are the harbinger of immigrant groups coming into their own.

It's a frayed but very interesting city if you're into urban exploring.

How many hot dogs did you eat?

Red_Barchetta said:

How many hot dogs did you eat?

 Unfortunately, the tube steak palace service Texas Weiners is closed.

bub said:

It's a frayed but very interesting city if you're into urban exploring.

 The Labor museum is interesting. I believe Red Emma, Wild Bill Haywood and other early 20th century labor organizers visited in support of the silk mill strikes. 

When I think of Paterson, I think of Joe Clark, long time SO resident, whose obituary appears in today's Village Green.  He achieved fame as the principal of a Paterson, NJ high school.

Took this pic of the "Lou Costello Memorial" we stumbled upon in Patterson while on some non-sightseeing business.

As Jack mentions above the American Labor Museum aka the Botto House is a gem showing the area's labor history.

If you visit the falls, walk across the pedestrian bridge to the far side and check out Hinchliffe Stadium.  It's abandoned now and has been the subject of multiple redevelopment plans.  However, the stadium hosted a Negro League baseball, boxing, car racing, entertainment acts, etc.

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