Got this announcement from NJ Botanical Garden

Wondering if there is a connection to Maplewood's famous Mayor?

-Ron Carter

WHAT is the Grasmere Gate?

Today's New Jersey State Botanical Garden was created from Skylands Farm, the summer estate of Francis Lynde Stets

on, a wealthy and important Wall Street attorney during the late 1800s. Stetson hosted many prominent guests at Skylands, including J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Ethel Barrymore, and President Grover Cleveland. To welcome them in style, he commissioned a stunning stone and wooden gate at the eastern entrance to the estate. After the property was acquired by the State, park personnel rescued and stored the gate to save it from vandalism.

Googled the term, and found that the old gate house to the estate was known as Grasmere House, thus the name.

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