Got Community Cats?

The Essex County Freeholders have funded a program administered by Associated Humane Society in Newark that gives people who have community cats, aka feral cats, in their neighborhood the opportunity to get these cats spayed or neutered at no charge.

If you have a few cats roaming your neighborhood, you soon may have many community cats roaming, so this service can help prevent the births of unwanted cats.

This is a limited program that will last as long the Essex County grant lasts, so if you want to take advantage, the sooner the better! For now, money is available.

There’s one hurdle — you or a neighbor must trap the cat. The animal control provider for SOMA is St. Hubert’s (973-377-2296), and St. Hubert’s will provide advice and guidance on trapping. People for Animals in Hillside (973-282-0890) will also provide advice and guidance with trapping, and will loan out traps for free, although a deposit is required.

For more information on this invaluable program:

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