Good place to buy a pie

Don’t have time to make one as I’m traveling.  Hoping to bring a good pie for a birthday gal who prefers it to cake, favorite is strawberry rhubarb which I’m not even sure is available now.

Any good pie bakeries in the area?  TIA!

Able Baker and Palmer's in Maplewood village

It’s a drive, but Wightman’s Farm in Morristown is famous for its pies, as is the Minuteman Diner right down the road from it. (Though I’m a cake girl myself...)

Minuteman switched to BBQ . Excellent Q.

I didn't try the pie but the cherry was good, as I recall from visits, years ago.

Thanks all will see what I can get to on Friday!

Try Dreyer's in Cranford too. I got a good strawberry\rhubarb from them last year, but it might be too early for fresh rhubarb.

I like the baked goods from here:

Her shop is in the back of the Maplewood Co-Op on Springfield Ave near Prospect St.

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