Gift certificates: Buy them now to save what you love

Restaurants are just getting crushed. Buy a gift certificate today to help them weather the storm. It's like a little corporate bond, payable in grease, salt and alcohol. And they might just ensure the survival of the local businesses we love.

I've gotten certificates from Park-Wood Diner and Four Cities Brewing so far. When this is over, we will be living like the kings of old. Post up with your own purchases.

Order take out/delivery, too.  That's probably more important as when the GCs are used, there will be less cash coming in.

So far we've ordered dinner from Ariyoshi, lunch from the Maplewood Village Trattoria, and bread/pastries from the Bread Stand.  Next I want to order dinner from Lorena's, although I will miss the outstanding service.

Our plan is to order takeout every other day.  

I'm happy to learn that Words is planning to book orders and deliver locally (within 2 miles).  

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