Full time Babysitter Available, Starting in September

Full time Babysitter Available, Starting in September

Our kids are both going to full-time school this coming September and we are seeking a new family for our babysitter of 7 years. 

She's looking for a family in South Orange, Maplewood, Millburn or Short Hills. Available Monday – Friday, 9–6. Needs to be walkable from one of these train stations.

She has been incredible, for seven fantastic years. 
Reliable, check!
Flexible, check! 
Loving, check! 
Strict when necessary, check! 
An awesome caregiver! Now you get to enjoy this wonderful person. 

Please reach out directly to Sita Walsh at 404-213-5751, Sita.devi43@hotmail.com

Reach out to me for reference, if you need it. Love this woman! 

Rob Gilpatric

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