Free 3 part Parent Education Forum focusing on Teenage addiction

As a parent of a recovering addict, the brother of an alcoholic and the uncle of struggling heroin addict I know all too well the toll that addiction can take on a family. This 3 part education forum attempts to remove the stigma of talking about, and facing the reality of, a child or other family member suffering from this disease. I encourage anyone who wants to know more to try to attend these important discussions.

From Robert Roe:   I want to support the need for parent education on drug and alcohol abuse.  Addiction takes a heavy toll on families.  Any parent with questions should feel welcome to come and ask the tough questions.  Knowing that you are not alone in this problem is also a help.   Facing this problem head on with your children is the best long run way to help children know the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.    

A reminder about this important discussion. This Wednesday evening at 7:30pm at the Woodland in Maplewood.


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