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Can anyone recommend a local exterminator, now Buckingham has apparently retired?

I've used a Well Known National Company, two service contracts, and tried to be patient, but I'm all out of patience.  Submitted a request for service via their Web site.  Nothing.  Someone came, but only doing their regular quarterly inspection.  Resubmitted Web request, with details recommended by the person who had come.  Nothing.  Tried calling, left a callback number.  Again, nothing.  Now I've got email that they've cancelled the service.  I was waiting for about an hour this morning on the phone to talk to someone, listening to their ads the whole time, and then they hung up on me.

I feel for their local franchise, only positive interactions with their local employees, but this company should not exist.

Jerry was at our house this week so I don’t think he retired.

I use Bighead pest control.  Very good service and great results.

Don't know if this is exactly what you need, but it's a great truck

Maybe Jerry is just... tired?

Jerry has a message on his answering machine that he is not taking any new customers.  The message does not indicate what is considered an existing customer.

Eastern Pest Services did great work for me a  month or so ago

Maybe Jerry is just... tired?

Jerry is neither "tired" or "retired." I called him yesterday and he came by today to help me get rid of a bunch of disgusting spider crickets jumping around in my basement. I was so glad and relieved to see him. Best pest control guy ever.

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