Dog is found, happy ending!

Lost Dog in Maplewood/South Orange/Irvington area near Seton Hall and Underhill field, originally lost from our house on Lindsley ave. by the car wash and gas station

She is a medium sized Brown dog named Quinn about 45 pounds, purple collar with my cellphone number engraved on a clip of the collar, she is super friendly. 

Please call: 973-568-0471 if found

Please ask around thanks.

do you have a photo? 

call all the vets and go down to Newark shelter. Not worth calling, you should go and check the cages just to be certain. 

A few people think they may have saw her near the Dunkin Donuts, City Market, and Walgreen's on Irvington ave near the Ivy Hill apartment complex, we have looked for countless hours there, but if you are in that area please keep an eye out

look up Buddha Dog Rescue on Facebook - they have incredible success stories in finding lost dogs 

Somebody thinks they saw a dog with Quinn's description near Harding drive and Underhill road up near the reservation and dog park where we walk daily so anyone up there keep your eyes out up there too

any luck? Try leaving food up there for her

Quinn is found! Someone who was working construction found her in the City market parking lot and took her home all the way to Cherry Hill. The writing on her collar was faded and hard to see so they couldn't contact us. And had just got a new computer on saturday, found Quinn on Facebook on the lost and found pets page. Happy ending now, we have our doggy back and are safe at home with her!!!!!


So happy she was found by a kind person who kept her safe.

Glad she is home, safe and sound. Please invest in a couple of ID tags for her collar.

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