CPA - Accountant needed

Looking to find a local CPA.  I performed a search and there are posts going back years ago, some of those phone numbers don't work anymore.  As of 2021/2022 can you recommend someone to do my taxes this year.  We have stocks, more than 1 home, various income, a bunch of unemployed cats (they eat too much too), and need someone to set us on the right path with last year's taxes.

Thank You

I am surprised that there are not a lot of replies.   I guess asking for CPA advice is different from asking for restaurant advice.   I use Lambrides/ Moulthrop in Montclair.   Very excellent thorough work.    I used to do my wife and my taxes myself until about 20 years ago.   After I made a large tax mistake one year, we started using an accountant for taxes.   The few hundred dollars you pay is well worth it knowing that the taxes are done right.  

Another option is Nelson Couto and Anthony DeFranco, used to be in South Orange, now in West Orange.  I worked for them for a few years, and they were thorough and knowledgeable.  (no recent info - i moved out of state in 2006)

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