COVID survival and prognosis

One of the patterns I've been interested in is the number of neurological complications contacting and surviving COVID brings. Not just any direct actions of the COVID-19 virus on neurological tissues also the evidence that it brings on vascular complications in all areas of the body. Blood clots develop and travel wherever they do because of how they're delivered in the bloodstream. They flow down arteries until they come to a point where they are too large to go any further as the blood vessels narrow.

In the brain that leads to strokes caused by small clots (mini-strokes or TIAs) all the way up to more major events depending on how large a clot has become. 

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Here are two articles discussing how the vascular inflammation COVID causes can lead to unpredictable effects all over the body. If you know of anyone who has recovered from COVID, know that they're likely going to need to monitor their health closely over the near term. They don't know if the vascular harm completely heals though it probably does since we haven't seen a deluge of such sequelae around the globe in the 235M+ survivors.

This might seem a bit random, but I’m wondering about the line in here re the lack of cross-species testing, whether in the wild or for agricultural or other purposes.
There’s a lot of routine human:animal and animal:animal (cross species) contact each day, and a surprising amount of viruses and bacteria can be transmitted from one to another… 

I hope the hippos will be ok. 

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