Community CPR Class Offered at Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad

The Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad will be hosting a local community CPR certification class for people in the community and surrounding areas-- the class has a minimal fee of $65 to cover the cost of a CPR ID card, class materials, and a small donation to the squad (which is run solely by volunteers and 100% by private donations).

With the school year around the corner it would be ideal for new babysitters, nannies, parents, family members or anyone else who would benefit from the course. This specific class is for adults only, but we are looking into hosting a teen class in the future.

The class will include infant, pediatric, and adult CPR - as well as AED training.

The class is on Saturday October 8th from 8:30am-12:00pm. We have 5 spots remaining (and plan to host more classes if these are successful).

If you are interested in attending please PM me to sign up and we can discuss any additional logistics.

a few spots are still available for those who are interested !!

we have three spots left for this class! grin

still have one spot available!

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