Can I borrow a 'Green Screen' for a Zoom presentation for Saturday?

My old laptop did virtual background without a green screen.  My new won't (Zoom tells me that it doesn't have the resources).

I will pick up and deliver (as soon as the snow is over and roads reasonably clear).

Hubby just used a plain white tablecloth tucked into the bookshelves behind him, when he first needed one. He doesn’t seem to bother with anything now. cheese


Does it have to be green?  If this for live presentation there are lots of other options, as Joanne pointed out.  Set up to use drapes- solids work best.   My backdrops are a bit flimsy and buried.  I should be able to get them out.  Let me know via PM


I dug out my chroma green backdrop.  Still in factory sealed pack, so it will need a serious ironing.  Do you also need a lighting stand…also a bit buried?

The need was for last Saturday.  I solved it with a green plastic 'picnic' table cloth, attached with masking tape.  

Thanks anyway,

I have been using the Zoom “blur” option as my background. Much easier than setting up a drape or screen and I don’t even have to move the exercise equipment out of camera range. All you see is a nice, soft blur.

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