Brake Specials for December

Now through Dec. 31, 2015, Maplewood Meineke is offering a FREE Preferred Oil Change with every FULL brake service (front and rear). 

We're still the cheapest brake service in town:

50% off LIFETIME warranty brake pads & 10% off rotors.  Preferred oil change includes a 23 point inspection, we top off all fluids, inspect & rotate tires AND if you give us your email, 4 months FREE Roadside Assistance! 

PLUS come in today and apply for a Meineke credit card.  There is ZERO interest for the first 6 months, no payments till after New Years. Only takes minutes to apply. 

Just in time for the holidays, a little peace of mind...


1796 Springfield Ave (Corner of Springfield Ave & Rutgers) in Maplewood

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If you're not a paid advertiser on MOL this post is going to get pulled from the forum.

Jamie and Dave are not running a free advertising service. This is a community forum.

Reason enough to NOT patronize that place!!!

Apollo_T said:

Reason enough to NOT patronize that place!!!


I use Nelson's, trusted and reliable and they don't try to scam free advertising.  They're on Dunnell Rd in Maplewood across from Memorial Park.  Ask for Dave.

Tis a time of Brotherhood and Charity.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.   Maybe they did not read the fine print.

Agreed. We should STOP razzing the OP. This is no reason to blow a GASKET. Poor guy is going to BRAKE down in tears. 


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