Thank you, they were! So: any more suggestions?? wink

Is he also known for his poetry?

I don't believe so, but I may be quite wrong on that.

Does he get paid by advertisers to analyze the prospective audience?


We've already established psychology is Mr L's discipline...... Now for the specialty motif.... He's made his mark in a couple of ways and is especially known for something very important ....

psychology. Third time we're confirming this. Psychology.

Edited to add: rereading your answer, maybe you're asking one thing, I'm answering another. It's hard to be more precise. Not sure if you'll find it if you search under 'neuroscience', but you will if you follow the assorted clues I've left.

You see .. I was replying to your clue where you said Mr L was especially known for something very important. The Mr L I was looking at is also known for his work as a writer and scientist, as well as being a cognitive neuroscientist. I was just teasing out a few more clues to see if I was on the right track. I'm not sure that I am, yet.

I haven't seen our Belgian Mr L described this way. Not to say he isn't, but I haven't seen it.... There isn't that much on him that isn't actually his work. Why not throw out a name and see if it hits the mark?

Is L a "Dr." L or truly as you have written, "Mr." L?

I haven't seen any reference to Dr, but it may simply be that he doesn't use it. He is a Prof, though. Again, usually not referred to as Prof L but (name) L.


I haven't seen our Belgian Mr L described this way. Not to say he isn't, but I haven't seen it.... There isn't that much on him that isn't actually his work. Why not throw out a name and see if it hits the mark?

I take it then that Belgian-born Jan Lauwereyns is not this round's Mr L

No. Wrong starting initial. Guess again! question

Does he presently reside in the US?

Sorry. Death in family.

I think Mr L is currently in Ghent, but spends a lot of time in the US. maybe a visiting professorship?? (Or whatever they're called)

Time move on one this one, I think. Answer is Marc Leman, professor of psychology who has developed the theory of embodied cognition.

I'm sorry if I did not answer questions fully or properly... I've recently become aware of this theory and find it fascinating.


Interesting, kinda reminds me of my classmate (and former bandmate), Tom Deuel.

I guess, Joanne, you are up again?

Please, not me. Just buried FIL yesterday (our time) and am numb. I reckon whoever guessed Psychology came closest.

Or choose among yourselves. grin

Thomas is approaching the theory from a different perspective. What Marc proposes is that they we innately respond to sound is via rhythmic movements. We have brains that are hard-wired to seek patterns in sounds, and turn them into 'music'; that music is not 'music' unless we respond in this way. The rhythmic patterns -or embodied cognition - include changed breathing patterns and heartbeats, toe tapping, finger tapping, body sways, head nods and turns, tongue clicks or licks, swallows, , waist bends etc. All unconscious.

Then there's the air guitar, drumming etc, imaginary conductor stance, ballerina/chorus line or can-can dancer. His studies involve looking at behaviours at concerts as well as in sound studios, and I think he's studied unsophisticated societies as well through archival records. It seems only humans do this (researchers have trawled millions of YouTube clips!).

It's been a while .. and quite a few pages since I posted the last links to the 'Names-we've-used' page.

I've just discovered that (except for the last two) all the other links in the document - which pointed to the page we'd reached at the time - are wrong. They were put in prior to the move of MOL to the new server.

The list is here as a Google doc >>
Now, I recognise that many people won't click on a shortened URL, because of fears it may not point where you think it should.
Here's the longer version >>
(This one opens in a preview window, with advertising, of course, but it will show the long URL, which points to the Google doc.)

Both shortcuts point to >>

Yes, it is a long document and, maybe, one day I'll put it into a table form so there'll be less to scroll through.
But, in the meantime, the document is searchable. Think of a name, check if it has been used recently, or at all, and if its your turn to hold all the cards, go for it!.

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