Black friday


Does Apple do Black Friday or E-Monday sales?

You might find an iPhone 4 or iPad 3 on sale. That's about all.

I was afraid of that.  

My ipad5 battery seems to be a bit slow to recharge and a bit quick to discharge.  I also want to be able to use a pencil/stylus for photo processing.  So I’ll probably need to replace this one.  Shame of it is that haven’t outgrown the rest of this ipad. I hate to upgrade unecessarily….wish they made ‘lower’ grade tablet-at a lower price- rather than having to go up to their current model.

My gen 5 (2017) is bottom of the line(non-cellular) and I don’t need more; other than to be able to use the pencil.  I use an jphone for cell needs….and I just remembered I haven’t used my desktop in over a year.

My Air2 iPad had similar issues, then all of a sudden started telling me it needed charging when it didn’t etc.  Visited Apple a week ago and was advised the battery needed replacing (I’d figured it was that or the home button was dying), but then they found a Gen 9 in stock which suits me perfectly and offered me a decent trade-in figure. Honestly, these past few days I’ve got more done than in the previous 2 months cheese

Apollo, go talk to them. 

I’m always torn about Apple products. A lot of times they have a lower-cost model (iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad Pro) that seems adequate to my needs. But I debate with myself whether I should spend a couple hundred more bucks to future-proof my purchase. 

We tend to buy an Apple product to last for a long time. That means a higher up front expense but a longer time before it needs to be replaced. At some point the older devices are no longer supported in the latest iOS and the latest accessory (I.e. Apple Pencil) doesn’t work. 

I know this doesn’t answer your original question but I hope it’s good for thought. If you don’t need a lot of storage the base iPad runs $329 and works with the first generation Apple Pencil. 

Best Buy has a 10.2” (medium size screen) on sale for $299. It’s a 2021 model. Wi-Fi only and 64GB of storage.  The 256 GB version is $429 if you need more on-board memory and they do have a trade-in program which might net you a few bucks off that price.

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