Bamboo maintenance / removal - suggestions for Landscaper?

We have bamboo that we want to contain with a barrier and remove the rest which has overrun other areas of our lawn and shrubs. Any suggestions of a landscaper who has experience with bamboo? 

I've also come across several companies that say they specialize in bamboo: 

Bamboo Bob (

Precision Bamboo Removal (

New Jersey Bamboo Landscaping (

Has anyone used these companies or have other suggestions? 

It's a big job. We had bamboo in Maplewood. It came up through our driveway. It encroached on our neighbor's house foundation. One year, my wife spent a few months digging it up and cutting it back. You definitely want to contain it.

Ed from Little Acre Farm planted our bamboo and barrier: They do removal as well.

Bamboo sends out underground rhizomes, which can go considerable distances.  Some species 15-30' in a season.  If you kick off the tip of new shoots, when they are 4-8" tall, it won't regrow - but the rhizome remains, and will keep stretching.

From everything I've read, it doesn't seem like bamboo is worth it.  I would remove all of it.

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