Associatd Humane Society Van in Maplewood Monday Oct. 21

from Bob Roe:  The Associated Humane Society mobile van will be in Maplewood in front of the Town Hall on Monday October 21.   Now is the time to get your pets vaccinated as the new licensing year starts soon.  To make an appointment for spay/neuter surgery call 973-824-7080  x118.

The van will be back in Maplewood on Nov. 21st.  They are also in other nearby towns on other days.  Check their web site for the schedule. Remember to spay/neuter and vaccinate any feral cats.  

from Bob Roe:  Bump.  The Associated Humane Societies van is now parked in Front of Maplewood Town Hall.  Good time to get pets vaccinated.  

What are the hours today?

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